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 Once you start to play Beach Goff, a cross between cornhole and golf,  you won't want to stop. This travel friendly, affordable and all inclusive game is the thing you've been looking for. Changing Colors is the only store that carries Beach Goff in New Jersey, so you won't find it anywhere else near us. 


Simply take your golf balls out, scoop two holes of sand out (about 20ft apart), stick your "holes" in the ground, and voila! You're ready to play Beach Goff. Each pack comes with two rings, a reusable drawstring bag, and seven colorful balls. 


Tips for playing: 

-Easier on harder sand 

-Get multiple sets too play a tournament 

-The game will be different every time depending on wind, kids, etc. 

-Relax and undwind. It always makes the game more fun. 

Beach Goff

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