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Inclosed Letterpress Co. is a super fun paper goods shop located in the heart of the Midwest. They are committed to spreading love and laughter through snail mail and dedicated to creating products that promote intentional human connections. Since 2016, they have expanded the Charmpad line to include almost 200 designs!


Owner Lesley Peterson says "Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Charmpad would be such a huge part of our Inclosed life! But we just love coming up with new charm designs that express your unique passions and the everyday moments in life we are all proud to celebrate!"



Different Ways To Use A Charmpad - 

  • Grocery List
  • Place cards for Friendsgiving
  • A Note For A Neighbor
  • To-Do List
  • Recipe Card
  • Book Marker
  • Lunch Box Note
  • Organize Food Pantry
  • Honey-Do List
  • Game Night Score Keeper
  • Dog-Sitting Directions
  • We could go on-and-on...


Excluding Sales Tax
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