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Lemon Peels, Cranberry Extract, Orange Extract, Lime Extract, & Cane Sugar


Do a 2oz at home pour of Vodka or any other liquor of your choice, add one sugar cube and add one lemon peel to your cocktail glass, stir until dissolved, and enjoy a perfect Cosmopolitan! 

If desired, you can add a splash of cranberry juice or a splash of water to top it off.


This Cocktail Jar you do not add the liquor to the jar itself. It is a one-time use and will make up to 12 cocktails. 


Hint: If you dissolve the sugar cube in a bit of water before adding your vodka (or other liquor) it will dissolve much faster than in the vodka alone due to the higher alcohol content.

Twisted Craft Cocktails - Cosmopolitan

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